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About the Practitioner

Martin Marx, LMT

I recently retired, after a 36-year career as a Mechanical Engineer, to become a massage therapist, another passion that is very close to my heart.  I first learned about massage therapy as a student at Gonzaga University.  I agreed to be the “demonstration body” for a classmate’s presentation if he would teach me his techniques.  After that experience I started using the techniques on family and friends. 

When my youngest daughter was 4 she suffered a serious face wound caused by a vicious dog attack.  During her recovery process, a close friend put a newspaper ad for Swedish massage training on my work desk with a note saying “This is for you.”  I began my official training and discovered a world of alternative medicine that had been scientifically proven to help improve recovery from an injury or illness, prevent disease, and relieve stress.  Two years after the dog attack my daughter was still experiencing nightmares even though her physical wounds had healed perfectly.  During my massage training I had pursued a technique known as Craniosacral Therapy and after the first treatment for my daughter, her nightmares stopped.  I became a believer.

Over the years I have continued to help provide relief and relaxation to family and friends through Swedish, Craniosacral, and other massage techniques.  In 2014, I retired from Engineering (Research and Development) and my wife, Barbara, and I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.  In 2015, I received my Nevada Massage Therapist license after completing an 815.5 hour curriculum that included a 120 hour clinical internship with the Nevada School of Massage Therapy.

I currently perform my therapeutic massage and structural bodywork services on an outcall basis in Henderson and Clark County.  

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you toward a goal of good health and a sense of overall well-being!   

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