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"Very Professional."  Dave H. (January, 2020)

"Once again, my latest massage session with Martin left me feeling relaxed and with much improved mobility and reduced pain in areas that have bothered me. Martin’s meticulous in his preparation for each session-from studying his past treatment notes and talking with me to understand my current condition to creating the perfect ambiance to sooth both mind and body. He demonstrates extreme caring and concern during our sessions and carefully explains his treatment. I’ve enjoyed several rejuvenating sessions with Martin and always look forward to the next."  Anonymous (September, 2019) 

"Professional, competent and concerned."  Doug M. (June, 2019)

"Martin is a consummate professional, even in my small and sloppy home. He is nonjudgmental and creates a safe and relaxing environment to receive a thorough and relaxing massage therapy session. I would recommend him to anybody."  Caroline K. (June, 2019)

"Martin is always kind, courteous, and professional making me feel very comfortable. He is extremely knowledgeable and give the best massages I’ve ever had. I won’t go to anybody else."  Bobbi G. (June, 2019)

"Martin knows what he is doing and is professional in everyway."  Anonymous (May, 2019)

"Martin is great! I would recommend him for any of his services."  Joshua B. (February, 2019)

"Helped my sciatica pain tremendously. Quite a healing experience. Martin is thorough, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and caring. You will be in good hands."  Vicki P. (January, 2019)

"Fabulous!  Martin knows the body from functionality to architecture. He has the touch of A SURGEON. Highly recommended!"  Jack R. (December, 2018)

"Martin addressed all of my particular concerns."  Jennifer B. (December, 2018)

"Martin was attentive to my areas of need and created a relaxing environment. I appreciated him taking the time to focus on problem spots and providing me with feedback after the massage. I highly recommend Martin for your massage needs."  Andrew B. (December, 2018)

"Martin was able to help reduce my pain immensely!"  Stephanie L. (November, 2018)

"My session was so relaxing and I felt wonderful after.  I would recommend Martin to anyone needing a massage."  Marilyn G. (November, 2018) 

"I liked everything."  Jack K. (July, 2018)

"I feel so fortunate to have found a therapist so skillful and knowledgeable."  Judy H. (July, 2018)

"The music was very soothing. Martin was thorough and patient. He took time to answer all my questions completely. I never felt rushed. He was respectful of my body and gentle in his ministrations. I enjoyed my lymphatic drainage massage very much."  Mel T. (April, 2018)

"Martin not only attempts to heal, but he also educates, which makes the experience more rewarding. I have been intrigued with the possibilities his techniques may achieve in relieving some of the post surgical issues I have had with my foot."  Barbara V. (December, 2017)

"There are massage therapists and there is Martin. He is truly gifted at what he does and is willing to explain and educate on what he sees beneath the skin with his hands. I felt extremely comfortable, relaxed and literally in good hands."  Kelly H. (November, 2017)

"Martin was very informative throughout the whole session and continually explained each procedure. Within 24 hours, I was feeling a 90% improvement."  Violet H. (September, 2017)

"I loved how comfortable Martin made me feel, explained everything to me, taught me a few things, and just melted me into butter!! I can't wait for my next massage!!"  Bobbi G. (August, 2017)

"An amazing experience that totally relaxed my body. I slept 10 hours and woke up without any numbness. Thank you!"  Joan A. (April, 2017)

"Martin is very healing, and I am always very relaxed afterwards."  Marilyn G. (April, 2017)

"I loved the peace that washed over me once I relaxed and let Martin take over."  Marie S. (March, 2017) 

"Great experience all around.  Martin's knowledge and sensitivity to need is great!"  Jack R. (January, 2017) 

"Martin is a skilled professional. Calm, caring, with a thorough zen touch, I'm always left feeling relaxed and on my way to better healing."  Lorraine L. (November, 2016)

"Great Job!"  Marie T. (November, 2016)

"Impressed with his knowledge of anatomy.  A total professional."  Dwight J. (July, 2016)

"I wish it didn't have to be in my disaster of a house because Martin only does out-call, but otherwise it was great. He was kind, understanding, and very professional."  Caroline K. (June, 2016)

"He is professional, highly skilled, and provides a relaxing experience. Will definitely book again!"  Michelle L. (February, 2016)

"Attitude and professional expertise was exceptional and I would recommend Martin to anyone I can."  Rhonda H. (December, 2015)

"This is the best massage I have ever had!"  Anonymous (November, 2015)

"I felt very comfortable with Martin and was impressed with his professionalism and skills. He knew exactly where my body needed the most work. As a former massage therapist, I was delighted to find that our energies were in tune with each other. I will continue to use his services."  Linda V. (November, 2015)

"Amazing all the way across the board. The best parts were the detailed attention that Martin gave to my stated areas of concern and the sharing of very specific information along each step of the massage as to what he was doing and how he was addressing the areas of concern."  Gary L. (November, 2015)

"Concentrated on the trouble spots; Asked relevant questions pertaining to range of motion and flexibility; Thoroughly worked areas of discomfort that resulted in better range of motion."  Andrew B. (October, 2015)

"I'm one of those crazy ultrarunning guys who likes to run all day and through the night and I fully endorse Martin for his massage expertise. Martin has a vast knowledge of the physiology of the human body and uses it extensively in his practice. In my ultrarunning training I sometimes run more than 100 miles per week and sometimes I need someone like Martin to put me back together again. Martin starts with a thorough analysis of my current aches and pains and works through the session to find their root causes. For example, I had been experiencing some inflammation in my psoas muscle close to my right knee for a little more than a month that would not respond to any amount of self therapy that I tried. I tried ice, compression, stretching, strengthening, self massage, you name it but this thing was not going away. Martin not only helped me with massage but also some stretching and he corrected some problems I had with posture that may have been contributing to the problem. It's one week later and the inflammation is down about 90% and I feel in a day or two more it will be totally gone. http://travelingbyfoot.blogspot.com/"  David P. (October, 2015)  

"I enjoyed the experience completely. I'm looking forward to our next session. I really have no complaints. There is nothing I disliked."  Anonymous (September, 2015)

"I think Martin is great. I felt very comfortable with the experience and knowledge provided during my massage session."  Bill M. (September, 2015)

"Personal approach, depth of knowledge, and synergism with Martin."  Jack R.  (September, 2015)

"Excellent and professional service."  Keum C. (September, 2015)  

"I had an Injury & Rehabilitation Massage. Martin is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He was able to explain what he was doing and how to care for myself in between sessions as well as going forward on the road to recovery. I highly recommend Martin and his abilities."  Micah F. (September, 2015)

"The gentle touch of skilled hands eased my anxiety and worked out the knots in my battered body."  Tammy G.  (September, 2015)

"The massage flowed with what was needed rather than what was expected.  It started out as a sports massage but there was significant focus on other areas because it was necessary.  Although this added time to the session, it was worth it.  Martin makes appropriate changes based upon what he's feeling/getting from the client, rather than some pre-programmed expectation."  Anonymous (August, 2015)

"It was a great experience.  Very professional.  Created a nice Zen environment.  Very attentive to areas of concern."  Anonymous (August, 2015)

"Martin's massages are Always a perfect balance between therapeutic and healing. A combination of relaxing and deep tissue work has been the perfect combo to heal my injuries and my soul :) Thank you Martin!"  Danielle F. (August, 2015)

"Martin is very thorough in his technique with a gentle but firm touch. He demonstrates clear intention in serving my well being."  Phyllis M. (August, 2015)

"Wonderful experience.  Martin cares about you, the client, and offers his skill and knowledge to give you the massage suited to your needs."  Anonymous (July, 2015)

"The room was inviting, but a bit cool.  I appreciate the fact that Martin took the time to speak with me about some issues I was having.  There is no time for this in the massage factory-type setting."  Anonymous (July, 2015)

"Martin is amazing!  I felt so much better after the massage.  He addresses any issues you have and any he may detect.  He is attentive, thorough, professional, and fantastic!  Once you get a massage from Martin, you won't want to go to anyone else."  Anonymous (June, 2015)


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